What is Footsy?

Footsy is a movement started by First Presbyterian Church seeking to ignite Random Acts of Kindness like wildfire throughout our community. We buy people gas, pay for meals, pay off medical bills, provide quarters at a laundromat, etc. (It turns out the opportunities for kindness are endless.) We do it all without being asked, without expectation, without conditions, without reward. We do it because it’s exciting, exhilarating, humbling, and because Jesus told us to.

Footsy seeks to take the church “where things happen” in the real world at the level of real need. Footsy reclaims for our church and our community the real-world hands-on, foots-on message of Jesus, defending the oppressed, feeding the hungry, spreading love, compassion, and forgiveness. Jesus was on the move, heading straight out of and into town with love and good works.

Footsy has been amazing for the congregation at First Presbyterian Church of Pensacola.  A program that started out as a way of helping others, has helped us in ways we couldn’t have imagined.  The phrase “blessed to be a blessing” has new meaning for all of us now!  The beauty of footsy is not as much that someone benefited from kindness, but that the person enacting the kindness is changed.  This is the gospel of Jesus come to life!  We expected this to some degree, but here’s the surprise:  when you enact a “foot”, you’re not just changed in that moment; you’re changed for good!  You don’t just become a person who has done something EXTRAORDINARILY kind for another.  You become a person who is constantly searching for a new way to be kind and a new person to be kind to.